Are Sprocker Spaniels Good Family Dogs?

Spaniels have been around for a long time. They have been of utmost importance for their utility, friendliness, and overall energy. Spaniels are considered some of the best-domesticated pets to keep, as they are friendly to children and protect their owners.

Sprocker Spaniels, in particular, are considered unique in the line of spaniel dog breeds as they are a crossbreed of the Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel, resulting in a mix of their positive attributes.

This article will be dealing with whether are sprocker spaniels good family dogs. Keep reading below to know all about that!

Are Sprocker spaniels good with children?

If you are wondering whether children are safe around sprocker spaniels, then worry not.

For Sprocker spaniels are good with children thanks to their gentle and sweet nature and aptitude for playing. 

These dogs are also highly trainable and are perfect for being family pets. However, they require reasonable exercise as they are high-energy dogs and may require 90 minutes of exercise every day, including walks.

Sprokcer Spaniels are good family dogs if looked after properly.

It should be noted that a sprocker spaniel puppy may because slightly irritable and may even bark if they are rough-housed a bit too much by children; they may signal their irritation by growling or making lip curls, may even trying to run away or bark in the worst case. 

The behavior may even escalate to nibbling or biting if the warning is not heeded; this is thanks to their cocker spaniel part of genes which makes them slightly emotional and sensitive to certain mental stimuli.

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Often, this type of behavior can scare many owners and even make them question abandoning the sprocker spaniel to its own devices if they are unwilling to go far in controlling their behavior. The aggression shown by a sprocker is not simply a behavioral problem, as many factors may make them apprehensive. 

While it might be a normal thing to often play around with a sprocker, pet them and even play loud sounds around them, it must be understood that a sprocker, or any dog for that matter, is not fond of noises and can become scared or outright defensive, especially around exploding firecrackers.

How to help a puppy to be a good family dog

Sprocker Spaniel Puppies Sitting in the Garden

Are Sprocker Spaniels good family dogs? While raising a sprocker spaniel puppy may be a relatively easy job if you are experienced in terms of the diet of this dog breed and how to walk them. What matters is how you train them in terms of socialization. Ensuring that they are not facing mental difficulties and other issues through a strict screening.  

Below are some ways to ensure that your sprocker remains healthy and learns to be sociable:

Use a good breeder.

Regardless of how cheap or costly a sprocker spaniel may come across, it should always be essential to make a checklist of the spaniel puppy you are getting to try and ensure that it is not unhealthy or of unsound mind. 

To do that, you may contact the best breeder from whom you are getting the spaniel puppy, talk to them, and seek out the certificates for their fitness (or health defects, if any). Responsible breeders generally prefer to breed dogs that are healthy and do not have any physical issues in terms of movement. 

Generally, a puppy who has been taken care of for seven weeks or more should be good enough for adoption as a family pet and, overall, will lead an everyday and happy life.

Socialise the puppy

Socializing your sprocker spaniel puppy by making them interact with other animals and various people. Moving them around in a populated place may make them more confident in terms of interactions. 

This should generally be done when a sprocker spaniel puppy is around eight weeks of age or even less, The exposure should remain moderate as too much will cause distress and overall anxiety to the puppy.

Basic training is important

Sprocker Spaniel Puppies

While most owners may not intend to put their dogs in dog shows, it can still be important to give them basic training and socialization to improve their chances of integrating into society and being productive members. 

Hence, teaching your sprocker spaniels basic commands such as “sit,” “no,” or “come,” among others, can be a good starting point for ensuring that they are obedient and not out of control. Using positive reinforcement to encourage them to continue good behavior is one of the best ways to make them listen to commands.

Sprockers are highly intelligent due to their mixed heritage and are highly trainable as long as they are treated in a kind and patient way.

Be firm but kind

Sprockers spaniels may at times try to do just something that might be too much for an owner, that is, the sprocker’s behavior might be aggravating for an owner, therefore, one may have to be extremely firm and stop a sprocker spaniel from leaving their side or doing anything that is not acceptable. 

Being serious and saying ‘no’ to a sprocker is often more than enough, but there sometimes may be a need to be more firm for a sprocker to listen as they may become stubborn.

However, being extremely harsh to the point of being physically abusive is not recommended as this will only worsen a sprocker spaniel’s behavior and make them overall depressed and destructive. Instead, being patient and gentle with your sprocker will encourage them to improve their behavior.

Do Sprocker spaniels go well with children?

In short, Sprocker spaniels are generally okay with children due to their gentle and sweet nature. But as always, there should be a boundary set for sprockers being played with by children, such as

  • A child should never treat the sprocker spaniel like a toy; that includes not constantly pulling their ears or tail.
  • Children should be gentle with the dog as it is a living being.
  • They should never invade the sprocker’s privacy, such as climbing up their beds or activity disturbing them while they are sleeping.
  • They must refrain from ever smacking the sprocker or putting them in humiliating situations that may frighten them or otherwise cause them distress.

The sprocker spaniels, too, should be trained to handle an energetic child patiently and not resort to biting them in certain situations. This can be done by simply putting them with the children as training under the owner’s supervision.

Otherwise, training children about dealing with dogs, educating them about how sensitive dogs are, and overall making them understand that dogs are not simply playthings to use and should be given time for rest and overall peace will be a reasonable effort to create a friendly environment between children and dogs.

Also, teaching children to use commands just as an owner would be another good way to ensure that a dog understands them and feels more comfortable in their presence.

Do Sprocker spaniels get on with cats?

Sprocker Spaniel Dog with Cat

Sprocker spaniels are generally okay with cats around them; it can, however, still be necessary to keep both of them under supervision for a while before making them live among each other without danger.

Spaniels are generally friendly and can get on with cats; in rare cases, it may take them some time to accept the cat fully. It might be a good idea to keep your cat and dog in an open space to ensure that there isn’t any bloodshed if the dog becomes aggressive with the cat.

Conclusion – Are Sprocker spaniels good family dogs?

Are Sprocker Spaniels good family dogs? Yes, yes, they are. But to ensure that a healthy relationship with a family is maintained, the owner should give a sprocker spaniel much-needed attention and always gets enough exercises and tasks to keep them occupied.

Otherwise, training them in the arts of communicating with other people or animals will benefit both the dog and the owner in the long run. 

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