Can Sprocker Spaniels Be Left Alone?

Sprocker Spaniels are most often highly energetic dog breeds thanks to their hybrid nature composed of Cocker Spaniel’s and Springer Spaniel’s genes. This essentially makes them working dogs who are highly capable and intelligent but also in constant need of mental stimulation and exercises to keep themselves from becoming destructive or otherwise. 

Can Sprocker Spaniels be left alone? Suppose you are the type who is busy and are generally intending to leave your dog alone at home to go about your business. In that case, it might be a good idea to know just how the spaniel dogs will react to being left alone and how to train them to be productive.

Usually, it is okay to leave them alone for at least a few hours or less; any more than that, a sprocker may become anxious.

Can Sprocker Spaniels Be Left Alone?

Energy Levels of Sprocker Spaniel Puppies

In most cases, yes. Sprockers are social dog breeds thanks to their cocker spaniel side. But as with many spaniels or dog breeds, sprockers do not prefer being left and may rather walk with you or play rather than be cooped inside a room. They are often hungry for attention from their owner or family members. 

In simple terms, leaving a sprocker alone can have unintended mental effects that may turn them into slightly aggressive creatures and cause harm to the general population and themselves.

How Long Can Sprocker Spaniels Be Left Alone?

In general, 4-5 hours should be the limit for a sprocker spaniel being left alone; any more than that, they may become fidgety and noisy. Usually, one should follow the below timings for sprocker spaniels of different ages:

Sprocker spaniel (Puppy)1-3 hours
Sprocker Spaniel (Adult)4-5 hours
Sprocker spaniel (Old)2-3 hours

For puppies and very old sprocker spaniels, it is generally recommended to try and stay with them as much as possible instead of leaving them alone, both for practical reasons regarding their physical condition and mental health. 

Puppies under three months should not be left alone, if possible. Otherwise, a daycare might just be what you need if you cannot give time to your sprocker. Sprockers over ten or more years should also be given company just as much as pups, as their health and mental condition can change significantly during this period.

Each Sprocker Spaniel Has Their Tolerance

Unlike other spaniels, sprocker spaniels have much better mental resistance to being left alone; some may even develop better than others. While 4-5 hours is mostly how long a sprocker should be left alone, they may develop some tolerance for being left alone for extended periods. Usually, they may show the following symptoms if they are left alone for too long:

  • Excessively anxious and even shaky after your arrival
  • Aggressive barking or even howling during your arrival
  • Littering and other accidents related to potty (even if trained not to do so) 
  • Increase in destructiveness (breaking of vases or other furniture, scratching or ripping papers) 

If a sprocker spaniel displays any of these symptoms, they probably express their dislike of you leaving them alone for such a long period. Otherwise, if they are sleeping or calm, then they are not so anxious about you leaving them to their own devices. 

Why Sprocker Spaniels Shouldn’t Be Left Alone Too Long

Energy of Sprocker Spaniel Puppies

Can Sprocker Spaniels be left alone? Generally, it should be more of a priority not to leave them alone if possible. However, suppose you are unable to give much-needed time to your spaniel. In that case, you might leave them alone for at least a few hours. Still, any more than that, and your sprocker spaniel may show the following symptoms: 

  • Increased stress and anxiety problems
  • Highly aggressive behaviour and detachment from other business
  • Destructive and depressive b
  • Increased drive for attention
  • Unpredictability in terms of behaviour

Your sprocker spaniel may start showing the above mentioned-symptoms. But of course, these problems aren’t going to manifest in a single day of leaving your dog alone. Instead, keep doing the same for an extended period.

It could take a month or more than a few months for such behaviour to develop, depending on how tolerant a sprocker spaniel is in terms of being left alone in a house.

Keeping Your Sprocker Spaniel Happy When Home Alone

If you cannot afford to spend too much time with your sprocker spaniel, the following tips below may just be what you are looking for that may help keep your sprocker spaniel happy. In contrast, home alone: 

01 Exercise your sprocker spaniel before you leave

While it might already be a routine, giving your sprocker spaniel some exercise before you move outside may make them more tolerant once you have left. Making your sprocker spaniel jump around and fetch in the park for at least 45 minutes should leave them just content enough to sit at home without feeling stressed. 

Doing this just before you leave can significantly help keep your sprocker spaniel calm and happy after you leave for some time.

Check this article to learn how much exercise a Sprocker Spaniel needs

02 Leave the radio or TV on for your sprocker spaniel.

While dogs may not find a radio or a TV to be something as engaging as they are for humans, it is a fact that radios or TVs are intriguing enough to get their attention for some time or calm them down. Specifically, a TV will be a great idea if you live in a noisy place.

Sprocker Spaniels may get disturbed by traffic noises, construction work, or the like. Hence a radio or a TV will be beneficial to keep them distracted from such noises.

03 Use clothing with your smell for comfort.

Leaving a shirt or clothing that is not particularly useful for you but has your smell will be highly effective at reassuring your dog even when you are not there. The olfactory senses of a dog are much higher than a human’s (about 10,000 times or even more).

However, suppose your dog is prone to ripping apart furniture and chewing up soft material. In that case, this option might not be so good after all…

04 Hire a dog sitter to take care of your sprocker spaniel.

Beautiful Sprocker Spaniel Images

If you intend to keep your dog engaged even when you are gone, hiring a dog sitter will be the best way to keep your sprocker spaniel joyful and mentally stimulated. You will, however, have to thoroughly search for a professional dog sitter, interview them if possible, and check out their reviews to see how they perform.

If you are short on finances, this option will also not be viable. But, it can be highly effective and one of the best ways to keep your sprocker spaniel from turning destructive. 

05 Puzzle or Chew toys

You may get chew and puzzle toys to keep your sprocker spaniel engaged while you take care of your business. Highly cryptic toys such as Outward Hound or KONG will be perfect for keeping your dogs engaged

06 Put your sprocker spaniel in a dog daycare.

This might just be what you are looking for if you cannot handle other options; putting your dog in a dog daycare will be the best way to keep them engaged. It may trouble the dog at first due to interacting and socializing with other people and dogs. Still, they will eventually calm the sprocker spaniel down and acclimatize them to the daycare.

Besides these, you may also install a pet cam to see how your sprocker spaniel is doing to watch their behaviour and act accordingly.


While sprocker spaniels are highly energetic and happy, they do crave love and care; hence, you may have to look for a way to give them the much-needed mental stimulations they may need.

Common Frequently Asked Questions:

How long can a Sprocker Spaniel be left alone?

Sprocker Spaniels should not be left alone for more than 4-6 hours at a time, as they are social animals and can suffer separation anxiety. It’s essential to provide plenty of exercises and mental stimulation before leaving them alone and to ensure they have access to water and comfortable space.

What are some signs that a Sprocker Spaniel is experiencing separation anxiety?

Signs that a Sprocker Spaniel is experiencing separation anxiety may include excessive barking or whining, destructive behaviour, urination or defecation inside the house, refusal to eat, and following the owner around constantly. Seeking advice from a veterinarian or dog behaviourist is recommended if these behaviours are observed.

What can you do to help a Sprocker Spaniel become more comfortable being left alone?

To help a Sprocker Spaniel become more comfortable being left alone, gradually introduce alone time and make it a positive experience with treats or toys. Practice leaving for short periods and gradually increase the duration. Consider using calming aids like pheromone diffusers or calming music. Seeking advice from a professional trainer or veterinarian may also be helpful.

Are there any alternative options to leaving a Sprocker Spaniel alone?

There are a few alternatives to leaving a Sprocker Spaniel alone, such as hiring a dog sitter, taking them to doggy daycare, or having a friend or family member come over to keep them company. Providing mental and physical stimulation through toys and exercise can also help alleviate boredom and anxiety.

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