Do Sprocker Spaniels Shed A Lots of Hair?

A crossbreed of the American Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel, Sprocker Spaniels are a type of Spaniel that originated in England. They are recognized for their thick water-resistant coats and strength. However, some owners have reported that sprockers tend to shed more than other types of Spaniel. 

While a sprocker spaniel may have thick fur, too much shedding may bother the owner and dog. Do Sprocker Spaniels shed a lot of hair, and what to do about it? Keep reading below to know more!

It can be essential to know why a sprocker is shedding to ensure that they stop doing so since shedding may be a potential hazard for the owner if they are susceptible to allergic reactions. 

Do Sprocker Spaniels Shed?

The answer that that question is yes; most Sprockers have thick coats that readily fall out when they are not under constant maintenance. Brushing your sprocket regularly helps keep the coat smooth and reduces the amount of hair stuck in your dog’s fur. 

This reduces the hair your dog brushes off and throws on the floor. It also reduces how much hair ends up in your house. Additionally, brushing your sprocker regularly helps to remove dead hair that accumulates on the coat, which helps to reduce shedding even more.

Shedding is typical for all dogs, and all Sprocker Spaniels will shed some hair. However, how much hair a Sprocker Spaniel sheds depends on many factors, including the dog’s age, health, coat type, and more. Some Sprocker Spaniels may shed more than others, but all Sprocker Spaniels will shed at least some hair.

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Why Does Shedding Matter, Anyway?

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Shedding is normal and necessary for dogs. Shedding helps to keep the dog’s coat healthy and clean, and it also helps to regulate the dog’s body temperature. 

Hair shed by the Sprocker Spaniel can end up all over the house, on furniture, clothing, and flooring. For others, shedding can be a nuisance if you’re unprepared for it. 

If you’re considering getting a Sprocker Spaniel, talk to your veterinarian about shedding and how to manage it best.

How to Deal With a Shedding Sprocker Spaniel?

Do sprocker spaniels shed? If you own a Sprocker spaniel, you’re probably all too familiar with the shedding problem. Sprocker spaniels are a cross between a Cocker spaniel and a Springer spaniel, and they inherit both breeds’ best (and worst) traits. They’re known for being energetic and affectionate but also shed A LOT.

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So what can you do to deal with all that shedding? Ensure that you’re brushing your sprocker routinely. This will help to remove loose hair from the coat and cut down on shedding.

You can also try bathing your dog with a good-quality dog shampoo. Lastly, ensure you’re feeding your dog a healthy diet – a good diet can help reduce shedding. You may follow the tips below: 

01. Brush Their Fur Every Day

Despite the simplicity of such a solution in maintaining your dog’s coat health, it can become a rather tedious process if you are unaware of how and when to brush your sprocker Spaniel’s coat.

Generally, using a wire brush is the best option for your thick-coated sprocker, as a wire brush can go through the lowest layers of a dog’s thick coat and clean out any dead hair or dust particles.

On top of that, brushing your sprocker routinely can ensure that its fur does not get tangled or matted, which may be painful for them.

02. Get Them Professionally Groomed Regularly

Suppose you are short on time or cannot maintain your sprocker’s proper grooming; it might be a good idea to try and get a professional groomer to do your Sprocker’s grooming once in a while. A grooming session once a month can be appropriate if you are not fond of a shedding spaniel. 

Remember that sprocker spaniels may not react well to a stranger’s attempt at grooming them and may even show signs of distress. To deal with this, it would be essential to try and make your dog associate the trip to a professional groomer with positive memories through positive reinforcement; this can include encouragement, giving of treats, etc.

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03. Cover Your Furniture

As a sprocker spaniel can shed rather frequently during weather changes, it can be essential to deal with such by trying to cover your furniture with a blanket or other protective covers. Not only can that protect an owner from potentially inhaling potential allergic pollens, but it can also ensure your house looks neat and clean.

Doing that and cleaning your sheets once a week can be a great way to maintain hygiene while ensuring your dog doesn’t spread its hair on your furniture.

04. Remember That Lint Rollers Are Your Best Friend (And your Sprocker!)

A lint roller such as the BĂ„STIS Lint roller by Ikea can be the perfect tool to remove any pet’s fur and hair from the floor or furniture. These can be more effective than Vacuum cleaners as they might not be able to suck out some fine dog hair on the surface and be unusable on your clothes in general senses.

Hence, if your sprocker Spaniel is shedding in reasonable amounts, then having a lint roller will be not only a time-saving idea but also the most efficient you can have, as all it requires is rolling it up a surface and picking up the hair from it.

05. Use A Good Quality Dog Shampoo

While dogs may not be fond of water baths, giving your sprocker a good ol’ bath with a good quality dog shampoo will make their fur fluffy and healthy. Remember to rinse and dry your sprocker, as wet fur may increase the frequency of shedding.

Always ensure that the dog shampoo is made with natural ingredients and is produced by well-reputed companies instead of trying to save money and buying a cheap, local one.

Final Thoughts

Do sprocker spaniels shed? Yes, they shed a lot, but with afterthought and excellent care, one can reduce their sprocker’s shedding. They can conserve just enough hair to protect themselves from extreme weather changes. 

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Common Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do Sprocker Spaniels shed?

Sprocker Spaniels are moderate to heavy shedders, with shedding being heaviest during the seasonal shedding periods. During these times, they may shed more than usual, and you may need to brush them more frequently to remove loose hair and prevent matting.

With proper grooming and regular brushing, shedding from a Sprocker should not be a significant issue for most owners.

Is there any way to control shedding in Sprocker Spaniels?

Regular grooming can help to control shedding in Sprocker Spaniels. Regular brushing, bathing, and trimming of their coat can help to remove loose hair and prevent matting.

When do Sprocker Spaniels shed the most?

Sprocker Spaniels are moderate shedders, which means they shed hair regularly throughout the year. However, they do not shed excessively like some breeds, such as Huskies or Malamutes. Sprockers have a thick double coat that helps protect them from the elements, and they shed their undercoat seasonally during the spring and fall.

Do Sprocker Spaniels shed differently depending on their coat type?

Yes, the shedding patterns of Sprocker Spaniels may differ depending on their coat type. Those with a longer coat may shed more frequently and require more grooming than those with a shorter coat.

Are there any health issues that can cause excessive shedding in Sprocker Spaniels?

Excessive shedding can signify an underlying health issue, such as allergies or hormonal imbalances. If you are concerned about your Sprocker Spaniel’s shedding, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

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