How Big Does a Sprocker Spaniel Grow

A Sprocker Spaniel, being the mix breed of English Cocker Spaniel and American Springer Spaniel, normally has inherited coat colors along with several abilities and physical capabilities of both breeds. This can also include height differences, How big does a sprocker spaniel grow and what sort of size they may stop at along with their weight.

How big does a sprocker spaniel grow? In general terms, a sprocker spaniel can depend on their parent’s genetics and whether the sprocker is given a good nutrition while they are still growing up as a puppy.  They normally can grow up to 14-20 inches with their weight being 30-44 pounds.

Is a Sprocker spaniel a medium sized dog?

Is a sprocker spaniel a medium sized dog? Considering the height of their parents, a Spaniel Spaniel, due to varying heights can go up to 14-20 inches.

this makes them a medium sized dog. As said before, the size of a sprocker spaniel is heavily dependent on its parents and therefore how big does a sprocker spaniel grow will generally depend on how big his parents were.

A cocker spaniel in general is about 13.5-15.5 inches and a springer spaniel being 19-20 inches in height, the frequency of the height growth of sprocker spaniel will exactly depend on this factor of their parents. 

How Quickly Do Sprockers Grow?

How big does a sprocker spaniel grow and how quickly? As a springer spaniel can reach adulthood by 18 months, it is therefore safe to suffice that a sprocker will fully grow by 18 months or less. This of course depends on how nutrition is given to your puppy and how active they are, the more activity, the faster their growth will be.

Around 3 months, they will start losing their puppy teeth and grow mature ones while also acquiring better bone density. It is important to keep getting your dog regularly checked up by a vet to ensure that they are not having any growth defect and are maturing as intended.

Are Sprockers Good Family Dogs?

Sprocker Spaniel Family Dog

Due to their hardworking and intense personality inherited from his working parents, sprockers are generally happy, energetic and bright enough for small families even. All a sprocker generally requires is love and attention along with small doses of playful activities whenever possible, the sprockers are also good for children to play with.

Sprockers are also very easy to train and will pick up habits or other sorts of training lessons very quickly, which in hindsight will also be trouble as they may pick up something that is obviously not so good as a personality trait.

Not to mention the fact that sprockers constantly are in a need for exercises, this may include regular jumping, fetch, walking or running for long periods, all of this done for at least 70 minutes. Else, the sprocker will start feeling depressed and lose their obedient personality quite significantly.

But on the whole, a sprocker is entirely loyal and loving to his owner along with being friendly to an entire family, hence a sprockers are indeed good family dogs, although they might be slightly wary or even alarmed to a stranger’s presence.

Are Sprocker Spaniels Bigger than Cocker Spaniels?

How big does a sprocker spaniel grow and are they bigger than cocker spaniels? Considering the fact that a Sprocker spaniel can reach up to 14-20 inches in height whereas a cocker spaniel’s height can range from 13.5-15.5 inches, it is safe to say that sprocker spaniels are indeed bigger than cocker spaniels.

Although such height difference can also be negated if the sprocker spaniel has certain diet changes, or the genetic factors come into play, then the sprocker spaniel might go up to the height of a cocker spaniel only, though that is a rare possibility.


How big does a sprocker spaniel grow? A sprocker spaniel can go up to 20 inches in height, but it will generally be dependent on how well-fed they are and whether their parents were healthy before breeding to create the sprocker spaniel.

If you notice weight changes or height that is less than the recommended height of a sprocker spaniel, getting them checked out by a vet would be a prudent idea as certain disorders may weaken the immune system of a dog and cause significant changes to a dog’s health.

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