How Much Exercise Does a Sprocker Spaniel Need?

A Sprocker Spaniel, being the hybrid of an American Cocker spaniel and English Springer spaniel, is quite the specimen to behold as the breed has best qualities of both. With distinctive droopy ears and a bored expression, the sprocker spaniel has been perfected to be the best gundog.

This article will be dealing with some of the essential requirements of How Much Exercise Does a Sprocker Spaniel Need, considering that they are some of the most active dog breeds thanks to being a working gundog. Keep reading below to know more!

Do Sprocker Need Lots of Exercise?

Sprocker Spaniel

How much exercise does a sprocker spaniel need and does it need lots of exercise? In simple terms, yes. A sprocker spaniel in general needs around 60-90 minutes of exercise per day, this so happens to be required due to the fact that sprockers are highly active dog breeds and constantly needs to be engaged to an actively.

The moment you stop giving the daily exercise requirement of a Sprocker is when they will start their rebelling activities and start becoming destructive, especially if the neglect keeps happening day by day.

In general, as long as a Sprocker gets enough of an exercise to tire them out, they will remain ever happy and obedient.

How Many Walks a Day Does a Sprocker Need?

A sprocker’s requirement for walks will depend on how old they are. A sprocker 6 months or older will require 30-45 minutes of walk per day. Generally, a combination of different exercises with the addition of 30 or 45 minutes during morning and evening respectively should be given to the sprocker till they are tired and willing to settle down.

How much exercise does a sprocker spaniel need and how many walks per day? A 45 minutes walk in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening should fully suffice to keep a sprocker healthy both physically and mentally.

How Far Should You Walk a Sprocker?

A sprocker should generally walk for at least 4.8 km (3 miles) as sprocker spaniels generally have a lot of stamina and endurance to keep going till they are fully tired. But on the flipside, age is also a factor for how long a sprocker will be able to walk.

It is generally recommended to make sure to get the sprocker checked up by an animal vet to ensure joint health is good and walk them according to that.

In general, a puppy of 4 months should be given a walk of 20 minutes and slowly increase the distance as they age up and become bigger.

How Much Exercise Should a Sprocker Puppy Have?

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How much exercise does a sprocker spaniel need while it is still a puppy? 15-18 minutes should be good enough for growing sprocker spaniel puppies as too much of exercise will potentially cause them issues in the joint and other forms of bone problems.

 A 3 month old sprocker puppy should generally walk for 15 minutes and slowly increase such as they become older by following the “5 minutes per month” formula. This means that a puppy of 6 months old should walk for 20 minutes and exercise for around another 20 or less.

How Often Should a Spaniel be walked?

A Spaniel should normally should be walked around 3-5 five times per week to keep them happy and obedient. A walk of 45 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening split between their exercises should be good enough to keep them engaged and healthy.

Do make sure to keep getting your spaniel checked up by animal vet regularly to make sure that there are no health problems as it certainly can be possible to over-walk your dog, which may threaten them with joint related issues. Therefore, it is important to maintain a daily walk cycle for your dog.

How Much Exercise Does a 1 year Old Springer Spaniel need?

A one year old springer spaniel should be given at least 2 hours of exercise per day to keep them fit and working. As Springer spaniels are highly active and energetic dog breeds, they will require different forms of exercise with walks of 30-45 minutes included in them.

Forms of exercise can include fetch, running, jumping through rings, going through obstances etc… It is important to make sure to focus on the nutrition of your springer spaniel while doing so. Especially so as a malnourished springer spaniel may just become sick after doing intense exercises, which may even require a visit to the vet.


How much exercise does a sprocker spaniel need and what should you ultimately do? If you have decided to own a sprocker spaniel, then it is important to focus on your dog as this breed is a mix of two extremely hard working breeds – Cocker spaniel and Springer Spaniel.

If in case you encounter issues related to the exercises such as being busy due to a business trip, not having enough time to play with your dog or alike.

Then you may search for a dog daycare to ensure that they give the sprocker spaniel a much needed exercise and comfortable time while you are away on your trip.

Else, leaving your dog to their own devices may ultimate result in them feeling anxiety and ultimately becoming destructive.

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