How To Calm Down a Sprocker Spaniel

Sprocker Spaniels, the mixed breed of Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel, generally tend to act in a manner that resembles their parents. However, just like any dog breed, sprocker spaniels can also become anxious or over-excited due to various stress factors such as little to no activity, a new environment or a particular animal, being far too excited to play, etc.

However, calming down a sprocker spaniel isn’t as hard as it might seem, especially if it is done with love and patience. This article will deal with how to calm down a sprocker spaniel, along with some tips to do the tasks properly.

When do Sprocker Spaniel Calm Down?

If you are wondering whether a sprocker spaniel calms down by itself, then the answer would be, unfortunately, no.  Sprocker spaniels are creatures of boundless energy and, therefore, generally need an active hand in calming down as they, by themselves, will remain excited or nervous if not appropriately handled.

In all honesty, a sprocker spaniel, as a high-energy dog breed, will mostly be satisfied if made to exercise or do other tasks that apply to their energy needs rather than treating them as couch potatoes and letting them rest all day.

Hence, a sprocker spaniel will only calm down if they are actively given their fullfilment rather than being satisfied by themselves,

What To Do If You Want a Calm Sprocker Spaniel

How to calm down a sprocker spaniel? That question often goes through the minds of the owners of sprocker spaniels, who are somewhat tired of their dogs being fidgety all day or actively bugging them to do something.

In most cases, calming down a sprocker spaniel can involve good ol’ exercises such as a game of fetch, jumping rings, and running to try and tire down the sprocker spaniel.  Otherwise, technology might also get an involvement, however minimal at best, as sound frequencies may or may not work on sprocker spaniels, which mainly depend on the company using the frequency ways.

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5 Tips For a Calm Sprocker Spaniel

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A Sprocker spaniel remains energetic throughout the waking period; this means that you will have to constantly keep your sprocker occupied in various activities to keep them from falling into depression and ultimately becoming destructive or simply causing said destruction due to excitement.

The 5 tips about how to calm down a sprocker spaniel will help you out with keeping your sprocker’s excitement at bay and spiraling down into anxiety.

01 Exercise Your Sprocker Multiple Times A Day

How to calm down a sprocker spaniel? Sprocker spaniels who are over or above 15 months should be given around 90 minutes of exercise per day; 60 minutes can also work in some cases when your sprocker is already tired from their daily routine. It can also be a good idea to include walking and running for around 30-45 minutes before giving them a good and lengthy exercise.

However, if your sprocker is still a puppy of 6 weeks or more, then the exercise timing should be far less as they won’t be able to endure a strict training regime since they are still growing up. Instead, just following a 5-minute plan for them will be good enough for the time being.

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02 Use Puppy Pens for Your Sprocker Spaniel

Puppy pens are suitable for sprocker spaniels who are growing up and are hyper-excited at times; a puppy pen is essentially a fence-like cage that is big enough for a puppy to move around and play in. How to calm down a sprocker spaniel? A puppy pen is usually a great idea to keep your puppy sprocker inside with a toy to play with.

As long as you keep giving your sprocker treats and toys to play around inside the puppy pen, your sprocker will eventually come to appreciate the thought of being in the puppy pen whenever they are feeling anxious, bored, or too excited to play.

Another fact that only serves as a testament to how effective a puppy pen is is how it can be limited in terms of area to move around in, something that forces the sprocker to relax and lie down for a while,

03 Focus on Socialization

How to calm down a sprocker spaniel? An excellent way to keep your sprocker from being too overexcited and wild is to try and give them socialization training. As a dog becomes more social and mentally firm, they will also be stimulated mentally and become overall effective in controlling themselves in a situation that will otherwise make them either anxious or excited.

Socialization plays a crucial role in terms of the mental development of a dog and is essential for them to be a part of society in the long run, along with being calm and patient. Hence, making your dog meet with other dogs of their breeds, with other people, and alike will make them more confident and social.

04 Keep Training Your Sprocker With Commands

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Command training your sprocker can be practical in most cases as it stimulates their mind and makes their state of mind better as it allows the sprocker to spend some quality time with you. Many, however, stop basic command training once the dog learns to understand commands; this shouldn’t be stopped, as the training process can keep your sprocker’s mind fresh and healthy.

How to calm down a sprocker spaniel? Keep command training them daily while making them do exercises or other sorts of work to keep them happy.

But little do most know, basic command training can and should be continued every day for at least the first year. You can spice it up and make it slightly harder by increasing the time required to sit and stay. That’s just one example, but with a bit of creativity, there are many.

05 Interactive Puzzle Toys

Toys are the best friends of dog breeds; regardless of their size, dogs love to play with toys, especially those made to be puzzle sort of types. Making your sprocker play with puzzle toys can be an effective way to keep them preoccupied while ensuring their receive their daily dose of activity for their energy levels.

Some toys can be easy to solve, whereas other puzzle toys may require direct assistance from the owner and more usage of the brain from the dog.

How to calm down a sprocker spaniel? You may try to get a puzzle toy to calm their excitement or anxiety and make the spaniel solve the puzzle with focus.

What’s The Trick To Calming Down Sprocker Spaniels

In simple terms, sprocker spaniels or other dogs who are hyperactive generally need lots of tasks and activities to keep them from becoming bored and destructive. If sprockers receive their daily dose of mental and physical stimulation, then they won’t border towards becoming destructive or depressed.

How to calm down a sprocker spaniel? If your sprocker is not calming down after 90 minutes of activities, including exercise and games, then you may have to work twice as hard by making your sprocker do a walk in the morning and evening along with training them in essential interaction more strictly and ensuring that your sprocker isn’t left alone.


Sprocker spaniels, due to being the hybrid of Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel, are one of the best working dogs you can get as a pet. This, however, comes with the fact that the energy levels of both springer and cocker spaniels carry over, and hence your sprocker becomes the very package of crackling energy.

If you have any other inquiries related to sprocker spaniels or other spaniels, then you may comment below your questions!

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