Sprocker Spaniel Dogs Breed Information

What is Sprocker Spaniel

The Sprocker Spaniel Dogs is a dog breed that originated from the crossbreeding of The English Springer Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel.

As they evolved from two similar breeds, their appearance and behaviour turned out to be quite similar to their parent breeds with symmetrical structure, which is rarely found in mixed-bred.

Despite their parent breeds’ history of hunting dogs, they make for perfect family pets because of their loving and docile nature, which is quite hard to resist. They have dangling ears, covered with long shiny hair hanging beside a comprehensive set of eyes, spewing a vigilant gaze.

Owing to their highly athletic parent breeds, Sprocker Spaniel Dogs, too have quite an athletic body structure with laid-back shoulders and muscular solid front legs.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs are the perfect companions for any outdoor adventure, including hiking and jogging or even a dip in a lake or a pond, as they are excellent swimmers and do not hesitate to get their bodies wet.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs’ warm and comforting nature can be trusted even around small children. They have a lifespan of 10-14 years which is in congruence with an average dog of any other breed.

A Sprocker Spaniel Dogs isn’t necessarily for a first-time dog owner as the amount of attention and playtime it requires can be overwhelming for many people who haven’t had a dog as a pet before.

History of Sprocker Spaniel Dogs 

The exact origins of the development of this breed remain highly debatable. Unlike the majority of the crossbreed developments that have taken place in the last few decades, the history of the development of the Sprocker Spaniel Dogs can be dated back to the early 20th century.

One of the theories has claimed that the Scottish gamekeepers made the first genuine attempt in this sphere. It is believed that they wanted a sturdy and assiduous breed of gundog, which could prove handy in guarding the larger estates north of the boundary.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs are not usually believed to be hybrid dogs because both the parent breeds are quite similar, and both of them are Spaniels. The Springer Spaniel, larger than the Cocker Spaniel, was used in comparatively bigger hunts.

Both the English Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel were regarded as one of the oldest gundog breeds from the United Kingdom. Although both breeds were bred separately, it is believed that there were occasional mixes from time to time.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs’ official breeding is said to have taken place for the first time around 1997, and that is when the resulting breed was started to be called Sprocker Spaniel.

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Sprocker Spaniel Temperament

Sprocker Spaniel

A Sprocker Spaniel Dog has a very pleasant and affectionate nature as it loves to spend time with family members playing around. They are gentle even around strangers and are unlikely to attack someone unless they feel threatened. Their docile nature makes them easily trainable.

As Sprocker Spaniel Dogs thrive vigorously under the comradeship of their fellow human, neither do they like to be left alone for extended periods, nor can they sit idle for more extensive time frames.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs need to be constantly engaged in a task or two. Their friendly personality means they should be taken to nearby dog parks to get accustomed to being around and making friends with other breeds of dogs.

While their intelligence is praiseworthy, it can also lead to them picking up bad habits. Therefore, it is not advisable for someone (who doesn’t live an active lifestyle or doesn’t have a backyard/lives in a multistorey building, or doesn’t have enough time to devote) to owning a Sprocker Spaniel Dogs.

Sprocker Spaniel Diet and Nutrition 

The amount of food to be given to a Sprocker Spaniel Dogs depends upon several factors, from age and weight to activity level. During their primary growth stage, i.e., 2 to 6 months, they need to be provided with highly nutritious food to ensure optimum growth.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs require 50-180 gm of food spread over 3-4 meals a day during these months. Past their growth stage, they can be provided with a slightly less amount of around 40-170 gm as the body growth starts slowing down.

As Sprocker Spaniel Dogs are past their growth stage, they shouldn’t be given highly nutritious food as it can lead to obesity in certain cases.

A gradual transition from puppy food to adult food should be commenced as soon as they get a year old. It should be made sure that the transition is slow and subtle to avoid any digestive difficulties.

Sprocker Spaniel General Care   

Sprocker Spaniel puppies

General care has several components, which include feeding the Sprocker Spaniel Dogs around four times a day (in the case of a pup up to 6 months old), three times a day (6-12 months old), and twice a day in the case of an adult dog with particular emphasis on the quality of food provided.

Checking for fleas and ticks, especially during the summers, using a flea comb; female dogs to be spayed, and male ones to be neutered by six months of age.

Proper vaccinations are a must as they stimulate the immune system and work as a defence mechanism against certain serious infections, including distemper, parvovirus, rabies, etc.

Special emphasis must be given to subtle signs of illness that one might miss, including a lack of appetite, loss of hair, discharge from eyes, ears, or nose, itchy skin, unusual weight gain, lack of muscular strength, etc.

Sprocker Spaniel Health Issues

A Sprocker Spaniel Dogs can suffer from certain major and minor conditions, either acute or chronic. They are the most susceptible to specific allergies, which can cause skin problems and eye diseases.

Other minor conditions include Progressive Retinal Atrophy which can eventually lead to partial or complete blindness. The major ones include Hip dysplasia, a hereditary disease in which the ball and socket joint do not fit smoothly due to unequal growth rates.

In the worst-case scenario, it can also lead to Arthritis of the joints. Sprocker Spaniel Dogs are visible symptoms of Hip dysplasia, including limping, loss of thigh muscle mass, decreased range of motion, stiffness, and any other difficulty in natural body movement.

Another major one includes Hypothyroidism, one of the most common endocrine disorders in Sprocker Spaniel dogs. Possible symptoms include hair loss, unusual weight gain, lethargy, muscle loss, and a slower-than-usual heart rate.

Glaucoma is also very commonly found in this breed. It is caused by insufficient fluid drainage from the eye and can lead to optical nerve damage, leading to blindness in 40% of cases. Although a significant disease, it is not life-threatening and can easily be treated using an oral drug called L-thyroxine.

A visit to a vet for a regular check-up every six months is recommended to ensure that any anomaly doesn’t escalate out of hands.

The Sprocker Spaniel Dogs can also develop separation anxiety as lack of interaction with its human companions can negatively affect its mental health, which can be cured by giving him the company of another pooch or maybe even a cat.

Sprocker Spaniel Grooming and Coat Color 

Sprocker Spaniel Coat Colours

The colour of the Sprocker Spaniel Dogs coat can range from a variety of colours. The most common ones are either a combination of black and white, liver and white, chocolate with white markings, or a solid tone of a single colour.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs have a very soft and shiny fur cover that, although it looks attractive, can also prove to be a headache for the owner as they tend to be very high maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs’ fur needs to be brushed every day, especially around the head and ears where they usually have longer hair. Regular brushing can prevent the coat from getting snarled up.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs’ long hair has the propensity to get entangled quite easily. The owner also needs to look out for proper cleansing of areas that are more susceptible to the growth of fungal or bacterial infections including the ears, paws, and skin.

Cleaning of ears can be done using cotton balls dipped in a dog ear-cleaning solution. It should be taken care of that the answer doesn’t contain any possible irritant as an ingredient.

Moreover, it shall be kept in mind that over-cleaning can also lead to irritation and infection and it should only be done only if the dog really needs one. Toenails need to be properly cut and trimmed in order to avoid fungal infections such as onychomycosis.

As Sprocker Spaniel Dogs are an active breed their nails may wear down faster than expected. Their teeth need to be brushed at least 2 to 3 times per week in order to avoid the settling of plaque and tartar.

Products like Oxyfresh dental gel should be used to maintain oral hygiene. Certain dental care chew bones can also be given if the dog refuses to get his teeth brushed regularly.

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Sprocker Spaniel Size and Weight   

While an average male Sprocker Spaniel dog can weigh anything between 16.7 kg to 20 kg (36.81 lbs to 44.1lbs), the females are comparatively lighter and can range between 14 kg to 20 kg (30.86 lbs to 44.1 lbs).

A similar trend is followed in their size where an average male can grow up to a height ranging between 43.18 cm to 50.80 cm (17 inches to 20 inches), while a female might weigh anywhere between 40.64 cm to 50.80 cm (16 inches to 20 inches).

The size and weight of Sprocker Spaniel Dogs can also depend on several other factors such as diet, physical activity, agility, metabolism, and the quality of food provided.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs’ weight should be closely monitored from time to time if their body weight exceeds the ideal weight by 15%, they are considered to be overweight, which can be due to other underlying diseases such as Hypothyroidism, whose symptoms might not be visible to a non-professional.

Sprocker Spaniel Exercise Needs 

Energy of Sprocker Spaniel Puppies

The Sprocker Spaniel Dogs is the descendant of the Spaniels family, which is considered to be one of the oldest gundog breeds making them hyperactive and oozing with energy all the time.

Similar traits are shown by a Sprocker Spaniel Dogs, who has high physical requirements with at least 60-90 minutes of walking or playtime required.

In order to be satisfied with their activity level, it is estimated that Sprocker Spaniel Dogs would want to talk/run at least 19.3 km (12 miles) per week, while some may require even more.

Therefore, it is advised that they shouldn’t be owned by someone with a sedentary lifestyle. It had been in several cases that if they are not able to meet their daily activity requirement, they can become easily irritable and eventually much harder to train.

As Sprocker Spaniel Dogs are astute creatures, merely walking them for an hour might not be enough as they want to be challenged not only physically but also mentally.

Sprocker Spaniel Dogs can be engaged in certain backyard exercises including Tug of war, which can help them enhance their jaw strength.

An obstacle course can also be prepared with a medium level of difficulty so that their intelligence can be put to test. They are inquisitive souls who always want to learn new tricks and please their trainer.

To enhance Sprocker Spaniel Dogs’ agility certain contact obstacles such as the A-frame, the teeter-totter, and the dog walk can be used. Leaving treats on the obstacle surface can expedite the training process making it more enjoyable for the dog.

As Sprocker Spaniel Dogs are a working breed, they love to complete different tasks assigned to them, however, it shall be made sure that one might not end up over exhausting them which can cause several problems including muscle soreness and stiffness, joint injury, and feet pain, especially during the latter half of their lives.

In order to make sure that the dog doesn’t overburn himself/herself, an activity monitor can be bought to keep track of Sprocker Spaniel Dogs’ daily movement.

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