Sprocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale in UK 2024

The Sprocker Spaniel is somewhat unique, but as they are a hybrid made from crossbreeding of English Springer Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel breeds, their personality and traits may often vary and cause a new owner some reasonable amounts of confusion, especially if they are first time owners.

Existing as early as the 1600s, the Sprocker Spaniel breed became prominent in 1902 when the Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel were recognized as different breeds.  

In all technicality, Sprocker Spaniels are not considered designer dogs since they were bred to have more physical capabilities to work.

This article will deal with Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK, along with some detailed information about what Sprocker Spaniel are and whether you should get one or not.

What is a Sprocker Spaniel?

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Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK are popular for various reasons: A Sprocker Spaniel is essentially a crossbreed between an American Cocker Spaniel and English Springer Spaniel originally made to make them work in a challenging environment that would otherwise be impossible to work in.

The Sprocker Spaniel is adaptable and can quickly work well with other animals or children. They are also highly agile and can do manual tasks that might be hard for a human to complete, resulting in much lighter work stress.

A Sprocker Spaniel can work either as a good gundog or as a loving pet to keep around and play with, as they are pretty friendly. The Sprocker Spaniels can also be trained effectively as they are good at understanding instructions and reasonably intelligent when figuring out an activity related to a game or work.

Otherwise, Sprocker can shed a lot of their fur and may need regular grooming daily with attention to the ears and teeth. As the Sprocker have a silky and smooth skin that looks beautiful, it is essential to ensure that it is adequately maintained.

In terms of health, Sprocker Spaniels by themselves can be healthy. Still, as with all dog breeds, they too are prone to suffering from various diseases such as Canine Bloat (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus), Hip or Joint Dysplasia, eye-related problems or even cardiac events.

In such a case, to maintain your Sprocker’s health, you should get them regularly checked by an animal vet at least every month, and make sure to regulate their diet and not feed them too much.

Diet is another factor in maintaining the health of a Sprocker Spaniel as they often require heavy nutrition, feeding them at least 2-3 cups of high-quality dry dog kibbles every day. Raw chicken or other dog treats in a five-day interval can also work well depending on their size; make sure not to overfeed them with treats as they may gain weight and become sick.

Sprocker Spaniel Price

The price of Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK can dramatically vary depending on how well they are taken care of and whether they are pedigree or not, along with coming from a reputable breeder.

In general, a Sprocker can range from around £450-850 or more depending on how old they are, as Sprockers are energetic animals who often play around or do various work-related tasks, the spending of feeding them along with taking care of their grooming needs may also tend to be slightly heavy on the wallet than needed.

But unlike other crossbreeds, Sprockers can work as a rescue dogs and have reasonably high intelligence and reasoning skills; hence getting a Sprocker Spaniel can be a good choice.

Sprocker Spaniel Breeders UK

If you are looking to buy Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK through breeders, then the below list might be helpful enough to let you know about which breeder to buy your Sprocker Spaniel from and whether it would be safe for you to do so or not:

01. Uggeshall Kennels

Based in North Suffolk, the Uggeshall Dog Kennel is run by Anne-Marie Millard; they mainly work around breeding and raising healthy Spaniels such as English Springer Spaniel, Working Cocker Spaniel or the most famous of them, Sprocker Spaniel.

As they have been given a license to breed dogs by the East Suffolk Council, you can be sure of one thing Uggeshall Kennels is one of the more trustworthy breeders you can come across, as they are adherent to the guidelines given by the Kennel Club and are virtually strict about the health of their dogs, their dogs may price around £1,000 or more as they are licensed, breeder.

This might be one of the best Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK breeders. To know more about this group and contact details, you may look at Uggeshall Kennels.

02. Tranmire Sprockers

Based in North Yorkshire, this farm dog breeder mainly breeds spaniels, including Sprockers; the Tranmire breeder is generally good at maintaining their puppies and also makes sure that the following are done to their puppies:

  • Vaccinations
  • De-worming
  • 4 weeks of free insurance
  • Microchipped
  • Veterinarian checkups regularly

If you are looking for a reputable Sprocker Spaniel breeder, look no further, for this breeder is another best Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK farm. You can find out more about Sprocker Spaniel breeders on Tranmire.

03. Gumtree

Gumtree is an advertisement site for various materials such as vehicles, properties etc…

Gumtree can also be used as a source of pet advertisement for various breeders such as Sprocker Spaniel breeders; while not exactly a reputable way to get Sprocker Spaniels safely, one must be vigilant about the breeder they are buying for.

On the other hand, the prices are primarily reasonable, from around £700 or lower to £1000 or above if the breeder you are looking for is a good one.

You can find out more about Sprocker Spaniel breeders on Gumtree.

If you are confused about Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK breeders, then you may use this site to clear such confusion and make a well-calculated choice.

04. UKPets

UKPets is a UK-based pet advertisement site explicitly made for breeders to showcase their dogs, such as German Shepherds, Labradors or Sprocker Spaniel etc… If you are looking for a Sprocker Spaniel in UK, then this will be one of the best choices to look for as this site is UK based. You will be able to find accurate prices for Sprocker Spaniels along with a way to negotiate.

Be warned that there might be a few fraudulent breeders on this site; you may be able to identify them by checking out the prices and speaking with the breeder in detail.

If you are looking for Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK, then this can be more than helpful enough for you.

For more information regarding UKPets and Sprocker Spaniels, you may check out UKPets

05. Freeads

Freeads is UK’s biggest advertisement site from which you can buy several animals, from Rabbits to birds and fishes along with dogs. If you have trouble finding a good Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK breeder, you may check out Freeads to see a reasonable and legal Sprocker Spaniel breeder.

Be sure to check that the puppy is over eight weeks of age and has been both microchipped/checked up by an animal veterinarian.

06. Puppyhub

Puppyhub, while not as known as other advertisements/pet sites, Puppyhub is still a good site for newcomers to find out about Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK, especially if they are having trouble with getting an accurate price on other sites or are not so sure about it.

The site can also display results accurate to your search term rather than other results that are irrelevant to your search.

If you want to get Sprocker Spaniel dogs or puppies at slightly lesser prices, you may try out this site; you may take a look at Puppyhub to learn more about Sprocker Spaniel breed prices on it

07. Preloved

Starting in 1998, Preloved is considered one of the most prominent advertisement sites in the UK as there are hundreds or more on-site ads related to various subjects such as housing, clothing,  motoring and even pet services.

Regarding pets, you can search for nearly any animal you desire on this site and get a good quote on the prices for the breeders, along with their contact details. Preloved is one of the best breeder for Sprocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale UK.

If you are looking for Sprocker Spaniels, then this site should be on your priority list as the search term will get you accurate results along with prices that may vary from  £700 to somewhere around  £1,300 if the Sprocker Spaniel is exceptionally well taken care of and has bigger dietary needs.

08. Puppies.co.uk

Puppies.co.uk is a site for breeders looking to advertise their dog breeds and even get them sold whenever possible according to the needs of a buyer.

If one is looking for Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK, then this will be a good, however slightly riskier choice as one may encounter trouble in the process of contacting a particular breeder, but more often than not, one will be able to find the dog to their satisfaction and be happy with their new companion.

You may find out more about Sprocker Spaniel puppies on Puppies.co.uk

And these are some of the UK breeders for Sprocker Spaniels, which you may check out and try buying your favourite Sprocker Spaniel for, be warned not to fall for scams as one might encounter many while browsing through advertisement sites specifically.

Buying Tips: Sprocker Spaniel Puppies for Sale UK

While you will be able to successfully buy a Sprocker Spaniel puppy from any of the breeder or advertisement sites listed above, it is still essential to maintain a certain level of decorum in terms of buying from a breeder, that is, to not fall into a scam and lose your hard earned money while not even getting the pet you were looking for.

Keep reading below to know more about some of the ways you can avoid falling into trouble while buying a Sprocker Spaniel puppy on any online site:

  • Make sure to speak to the dog breeder through contact details, preferably on the phone.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for certificates such as five generation pedigree if that is available.
  • Check to see whether the breeder belongs to a Kennel Club or not.
  • If the price is far too reasonable to be accurate, then assume that there might be something wrong.
  • Make sure to check that the dog you are getting is properly vaccinated, has been checked up by an animal vet and has no health defects; otherwise, in that case, also try to get insurance from the breeder in case the dog turns out to have a disease.
  • Make sure that the puppy you buy is at least eight weeks or above; any puppy that is six or less than six weeks should never be bought, and anyone selling them at such age is technically doing an illegal act.

Besides these, you may also try to read the description of a breeder thoroughly, research about them and make sure that the breeder hasn’t had a bad history with selling pets or alike.

Therefore, you can reduce your chances of encountering failure while looking for Sprocker Spaniel puppies for sale UK breeders.


While getting a dog and taking care of it can be an immeasurably hard task depending on how well funded the owner is, a dog such as a Sprocker Spaniel can be a good companion for both are receiving much-needed love and compassion.

Along with a helping hand to work out various difficulties that may involve housing structure, moving heavy bags or other heavy materials. We hope you enjoyed this article on Sprocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale UK.

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