Sprocker Spaniel Vs Cocker Spaniel: Understanding the Differences

With the recent advent of breeding, spaniels have again taken centre stage as the most advanced dog breeds, mainly thanks to Sprocker Spaniels. In this article, we are going to see the difference between Sprocker Spaniel vs Cocker Spaniel.

Sprocker Spaniels, in simple terms, are the crossbreeds of English Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel, explicitly made for being the best working gundog. Sprocker Spaniels, in general, are the best of both their parents at their core.

But are they superior to their parents? That is the question this article will be dealing with as we get to know about Sprocker Spaniel vs Cocker Spaniel differences and how a simple attribute can make all the difference.

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Sprocker Spaniel Vs Cocker Spaniel

While both Sprockers and Cockers belong to the spaniel breed of dogs, these two can often have immense differences thanks to the way they are built due to their body structures; some of the Sprocker spaniel vs Cocker spaniel highlights are:

Sprocker Spaniel with Cocker Spaniel


Sprockers are generally fun-loving spaniels who thrive on being around families. They especially love spending time around their owners as much as possible and will even play with their owners to try and grab their attention.

Regarding their alertness, they may be slightly wary of strangers but won’t’ bark as they are of a calm disposition and will ignore them instead.

Generally, a Sprocker is one of the best family dogs as they can also get along well with children unless they feel threatened, in which case they will go the route of blissful ignorance.

Otherwise, this dog is generally one of the friendliest dogs so far. These spaniels are highly receptive to training and will learn as they are eager to please their owners.

A Cocker Spaniel, on the other hand, is also of the same temperament, sweet and highly affectionate. However, they may bark at strangers if they find them far too threatening; such can be fixed by training them as they are also highly responsive to training.

In the case of temperament, both Sprocker spaniel vs Cocker spaniels is nearly the same. In this sense, the Sprocker spaniel vs Cocker spaniel discussion may come into a tie.


This is where the Sprocker Spaniel vs Cocker Spaniel query diverges. Sprocker Spaniels are generally small, around 14-20 inches, with their weight being 30-45 pounds. Their coats generally are luscious and filled with a combination of colours such as black, blue, Brown, Red or white etc…

The wavy and silky furs of these spaniels are sights to behold for many! Their trademark recognition factor, though, can be their distinctive droopy ears and well-built body.

Cocker Spaniels are technically smaller than Sprockers, with their height around 14-15 inches and weight around 20-30 pounds. This makes Cocker spaniels more lightweight and smaller than their offspring, Sprocker.

Cocker spaniels have a long double coat that is silky and thicker than a Sprocker, with colours being brown roan, red, black & tan etc… As these breeds have excessive amounts of coat hair, it is therefore required to regularly groom these spaniel breeds as they may shed hair and cause it to be spread around your room.

General Health

Sprockers are typically energetic animals who love doing tasks due to their nature as a gundog and, therefore, may remain in a fit shape as long as they keep getting exercise. Although these breeds of dog may face some of the following diseases that dogs are often prone to getting such as:

These are some of the issues the sprockers may face, and most of these will require a vet visit. It is also recommended to get your sprocker tested by the vet for any other allergies or diseases.

On the other hand, a Cocker spaniel is also prone to getting the same type of diseases as their offspring, Sprocker. Although the frequency of these diseases may be more because they are purebred dogs as opposed to hybrid ones, which significantly reduces changes of other sorts of inherited diseases, granted that the family line it is coming from hasn’t’ had such.


Overall, the most significant difference you may notice between Sprocker spaniel vs Cocker Spaniel would be their weight and height, which has a stark difference along with the body build as Spaniel Sprockers may seem to be more muscular and intimidating.

Otherwise, Sprocker Spaniel vs Cocker spaniel shares many similarities. However, a sprocker has a more dynamic personality, and as it is made up of cocker spaniel genes, it generally can work more effectively than the purebred dog in the long run.

Common Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is a Sprocker Spaniel, and How Does It Differ From a Cocker Spaniel?

A Sprocker Spaniel is a crossbreed between a Springer Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel, resulting in a smaller-sized Spaniel with a unique combination of the two breeds’ characteristics.

While both breeds have a similar temperament and are affectionate, loyal, and intelligent, Sprocker Spaniels are known to have a more energetic and active personality. At the same time, Cocker Spaniels are more relaxed and gentle. Sprockers also have a longer lifespan than Cockers and may have fewer health problems due to their mixed genetics.

Are Sprocker Spaniels Typically Larger or Smaller Than Cocker Spaniels?

Sprocker Spaniels are typically larger than Cocker Spaniels, weighing around 35 to 45 pounds, compared to Cocker Spaniels, which typically weigh around 20 to 30 pounds. However, size can vary depending on the specific breeding and individual dog.

What Are the Typical Personality Traits of Sprocker Spaniels Compared to Cocker Spaniels?

The specific personality of each dog will depend on individual factors, such as their breed, upbringing, and training. Sprocker and Cocker Spaniels have many similar personality traits, such as affectionate and energy. However, Sprocker Spaniels tend to have a higher prey drive and need more exercise, while Cocker Spaniels are known for being more sensitive and easier to train.

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