Sprocker Spaniel Vs Springer Spaniel

Do you want to know the difference between Sprocker Spaniel vs Springer Spaniel? Keep reading to know more about both breeds!

Sprocker Spaniel are considered to be some of the best gundogs of the spaniel species so far, the reason for that is simple; Sprocker Spaniel are the result of the crossbreeding of English Springer and American Cocker Spaniel.

Sprocker Spaniel can be used effectively for both hunting and object lifting purposes as they have high physical stats and are mostly active.

A Springer Spaniel on the other hand are almost on the same size of the sprockers and are just as active, this article will be dealing with some of the differences and capabilities of both breeds.

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Sprocker Spaniel vs Springer Spaniel

Sprocker Spaniel vs Springer Spaniel? Despite Sprockers and Springers coming from the spaniel type of breeds, both have varying physical attributes and are on different scales when it comes to certain aspects:

Sprocker Spaniel with Springer Spaniel


Sprocker Spaniel vs Springer Spaniel can have varying temperament factors. Sprockers, due to them inheriting genetics from both cockers and springers, have their good and bad traits.

The positives they have acquired are their normally outgoing and calm nature. Although these dogs may become serious and task-driven once given a task such as to flush out a waterfowl or retrieve it.

Sprockers can fully adjust to family life and are some of the best when it comes to playing with children, making them wholly safe for a family. These dogs are also low-maintenance dog breeds and generally may only need normal grooming at home in a week or two.

Although a Sprocker will also need to be kept busy and engaged as these dogs are generally known for being highly active and won’t tolerate being left alone to their devices for too long, they also need some socialization to be good with strangers and other animals.

This may almost be hard for new dog owners as Sprockers, due to being intelligent, will likely cause actual trouble while being trained.

What about Springer Spaniels? Sprockers in their temperament have acquired much of the Springer’s temperament, more so than even the Cocker spaniel.  While Springers are also made for hunting games, they will still be able to adjust to family life when given time.

They are also highly active dogs and will prefer working out and playing more than staying idle at home.

In simple terms, a Sprocker inherits much of their disposition from a Springer Spaniel and hence both are nearly the same in temperament. Next will see about appearance of Sprocker Spaniel vs Springer Spaniel now.


In terms of appearances, recognized by their droopy and long ears, Sprockers and Springers can vary slightly but have some similarities; Sprockers stand at 14-20 inches with their weight being somewhere around 30-45 pounds with a thick and lush coat of black, brown or red combinations along with a bit of white.

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Springer spaniels are generally around the same height of a Sprocker and may in fact have a higher minimum height than a Sprocker, ranging from 19-20 inches with a weight of 40-50 pounds, Springer Spaniels are technically heavier than Sprockers and may give them a run for the money in this department. 

Although, a springer will drastically vary in height and coat appearances depending on the type they are, springers are composed of two types:

  • Field Type: These types are bred for field work as gundogs and are generally larger and heavier appropriate for their hunting purposes.
  • Show Type: These types are bred more for participation in dog shows, competitions or being kept as domestic pets and hence may be smaller than field types and slightly more delicately lightweight.

Sprockers also inherit much of their double coat from the springer spaniel as they have a smooth, medium sized topcoat and undercoat with colors ranging around combinations of black & White, White & Liver etc…

The Springer’s coat will of course require one to groom their dogs as Springers may shed at times and require brushing to remove mats or tangles.


Due to being a crossbreed, Sprockers are less susceptible to acquiring diseases a purebred would normally get over their course of their lifetime. Springers can remain healthy when taken care of normally, but some conditions may manifest due to certain defects in the Springer’s genetics and likely cause them problems. Some of the following conditions may afflict a Springer such as:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Phosphofructokinase (PFK) Deficiency which is an inherited disorder mostly specific to springers
  • Canine Bloat (Gastric Dilation Volvulus)
  • Various skin disorders

These diseases, while they may certainly not come to all springers, are likely to cause some of the type of breeds issues if they do happen to manifest in them.

Sprockers due to this are generally preferred by many dog owners as their hybrid nature crosses out the supposed defects of their parents. Sprocker Spaniel vs Springer Spaniel can almost be decided by this very difference in health concerns, although a Springer will remain mostly healthy if they are given regular check-ups and given a good diet.

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Differences between Sprocker Spaniel vs Springer Spaniel generally revolve around height, weight along with health concerns. Although both of the breeds can have their negatives and positives depending on how the owner handles them as both are highly intelligent dog breeds.

In case you notice a concerning behaviour from your sprocker or your springer, you may consult a vet or try to see that you are not leaving them alone for too long.

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